The temperature at the top of the world is rising, but it’s not the same as it was a decade ago.

So what’s causing the rapid cooling?

The answer to that question will likely have major implications for the country’s climate and, potentially, the future of humanity.

Here are five key questions: 1.

What’s the cause?

A decade ago, the world was in a very bad situation.

The world’s climate was warming, and the world’s population was expanding.

At the same time, many nations around the world were making enormous investments in new energy sources.

One such country was the United States, which was already struggling to keep up with the rapid growth of China.

To help offset the economic benefits, President Donald Trump announced a $1 trillion investment in clean energy projects.

And yet the United Kingdom was facing a major economic downturn that forced it to take on more debt to support the country and the environment.

“The U.K. economy is struggling, and it’s going to continue to struggle,” said John Gough, chief executive of British energy company EDF.

The U.S. economy was also in a dire situation.

Since 2009, the U.,S.

had been on the verge of an unprecedented recession.

And it wasn’t going to stop there.

The United States had been suffering from a severe drought and the worst wildfires in U.C.L.A. history, and climate change was starting to affect the U,S.’s agriculture industry.

But the economic situation in the U.,S.

was worse than ever before.

The last time the United State experienced a recession was during the Great Depression, which occurred in the early 1930s.

“People don’t really think about that, but there were a lot of people in the country, particularly the young, working class people, who were in the worst economic conditions in the world at the time,” said Gough.

The worst recession in the United,S., history happened in the 1930s, and in many ways it was even worse than the Great Recession, which started in 2009.

The Great Depression ended in 1932 and lasted until January 1933.

The following year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office.

Roosevelt, who had been the leader of the labor movement, created the Recovery Act, which included a massive government investment program to boost economic activity.

The program, called the New Deal, helped create jobs in the economy and helped to create a much-needed middle class.

But that investment, along with a massive increase in government spending, led to a deep recession.

By the time the Great Crash of 1929 hit, the unemployment rate had reached 30 percent, and more than two million Americans were out of work.

By 1931, more than 80 percent of the jobs created in the US were in industries that were not traditionally associated with the manufacturing industry.

And those industries, such as coal mining, steel, iron and steel, and other low-paying industries, lost ground.

“It was really like the Great Stagnation,” said William Fauci, a professor at Georgetown University.

Faullis, who studies economic history at Georgetown, said it was the Great Collapse of 1929 that had a major impact on the economy.

During that time, the country lost roughly $5 trillion, or $2.6 trillion, in wealth and businesses and businesses lost more than half of their workers.

In addition, unemployment hit the highest levels in U.,s history.

“We were going to have a Great Depression.

This is going to be the Great American Depression,” Fauley said.

The recession didn’t end there.

Many industries that once employed large numbers of Americans, such a steel mill, auto parts plant, and dairy farms, lost jobs.

Many small businesses and industries that depended on those industries also saw their revenue fall.

Some of the most dire losses occurred in rural areas.

In the South, the Depression was particularly severe because the nation’s population grew rapidly.

According to Fauly, the Great North-South Depression of the 1920s wiped out about 30 percent of U.,c.l.A.’s total agricultural output.

“That was the biggest impact of the Great South-North Depression,” said Fauff.

“And it wiped out almost half of the South’s cotton crop.

And in fact, the cotton crop was so much smaller than it is today, that it actually had a lower yield than the crop it was replacing.”

The Great South was devastated.

The region was hit hard by drought, wildfires, and hurricanes, all of which were linked to climate change.

It was also hit hard economically.

The cotton industry suffered, and many of the businesses that depended heavily on the cotton industry had to shut down.

In fact, most of the companies that depended upon cotton production for employment and revenue closed their doors.

The result was an economic depression

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