The Penn State-Michigan State football rivalry was first played in 1949.

It started when the Wolverines won the championship and then the next season, the Spartans won the national championship.

In the next two seasons, the teams faced off twice, with the Wolverades winning the title in 1955 and 1955-56.

The rivalry between Michigan and Penn State had been running since the 1920s, and in 1958 the Wolverers and Spartans were awarded the title.

The title-winning Wolverines were then in the final four of the 1952-53 and 1953-54 seasons, but the Spartans went on to win the national title in 1953-55.

In 1959, the two teams were playing in the Rose Bowl.

Michigan won its first championship and Penn was playing its first national title game.

The Spartans were playing their second game in the bowl.

The game was played in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Wolverines had a 7-0 lead at the half, but Penn scored twice to take a 17-14 lead with 3:47 left.

The next two plays resulted in field goals by both teams, but a final score of 20-14 Michigan won.

After the game, Michigan coach Tom Osborne said the rivalry was a bit like being a college football team with a different coach, but they had the same goal.

“It was like a team with two different coaches,” Osborne said.

“There was a lot of excitement in both of them.

I didn’t think it would last long.

We were able to get the job done.”

Michigan and the Wolverans played two more times in the 1956-57 and 1958-59 seasons.

Both times the teams were in the semifinal and championship games.

The teams played in the Sugar Bowl and the Rose, but Michigan lost both games.

In 1957, Michigan defeated Penn 34-31 in the title game, but in the end the Wolveries would not make it to the title, and Penn would go on to lose to Auburn and UCLA.

The two teams played for a second straight championship in 1958.

The championship game was at Michigan Stadium.

Michigan finished with a 27-3 record in the championship game, which would be the first time that Michigan had won more than three games in a single season since the 1964 season.

In 1960, the Michigan-Penn State rivalry began.

Michigan had just won the Heisman Trophy, and both teams were looking to become the first team to win two consecutive national championships.

But Michigan finished the season with a disappointing 3-9 record.

Penn was coming off the season’s most devastating loss, a 38-31 loss to Michigan in the Cotton Bowl.

Penn quarterback Steve Largent completed 16 of 23 passes for 223 yards, with one interception.

He was sacked five times.

“We had a great defense, a great offensive line, and a great quarterback,” Michigan coach Ed O’Bannon said.

The season was also the last of the four-year stretch that would be known as the “Panthers” in the rivalry.

Penn went on a 13-0 run that started with a 41-7 win over Michigan in 1960.

Penn’s next game was the Rose game.

Michigan was leading 15-7 in the first half when Michigan scored four touchdowns in the second quarter.

Penn scored the final seven points of the third quarter to take the lead.

But the Wolverays defense held Penn to just nine points.

After a long field goal attempt from Michigan’s Don Williams in the fourth quarter, Penn finally scored two touchdowns in three minutes to go up 21-7.

The Michigan players got a few extra touches and rushed the field, but it was a one-sided contest with neither team scoring.

Penn coach Bob Stoops said the Wolverys offensive line and defense were good, but he also said the players were tired.

The Penn players also had their backs to the wall and wanted to get back to their sport.

The football players also were not happy that the Penn players didn’t do the same.

The players were just tired, Stoops told reporters after the game.

“They wanted to do their own thing,” he said.

He said they wanted to come out and play.

“I don’t think they knew how much their teammates were working for them.

They didn’t know how hard they were working.

I’m sure they were all right.” “

But I think the players didn, too, and it didn’t affect the effort.

I’m sure they were all right.”

The game between the two schools was played on the same field, which was a common occurrence during the 1956 and 1957 seasons.

The Rose game was also played on a neutral field, though, which is not a common practice.

The Ohio State-Penn football rivalry started in 1929 and lasted until 1936.

Ohio State and Penn played in a championship game in 1938.

Both teams finished the 1938 season ranked first in the country.

In 1939, Ohio State beat Penn 34.7-14 in the National

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